Wood Fired Ovens



Our ovens come with an installed char-grill! Fantastic for char-grilling fish, seafood, meats and vegetables.


Amazing Features!

The exciting part of having a Supreme Wood Fired oven is its features!

The features include-

-air system(Dragon's Breath) allows to light up within minutes! (No Gas Required!)



Smoking and Rotisserie

For those foodies out there that love your smoking, we can install smokers onto your oven, perfect for your next beef brisket! 

-Our built in rotisserie is great for suckling pigs, lamb, chicken and anything you can dream of!

Supreme Wood Fired Ovens unique functions

Lighting Oven

 Supreme Ovens are fast and easy to light! With our air system (Dragon's Breath) you are able to light our Supreme ovens in 10 minutes, and start cooking! Making our Supreme ovens one of the most innovative  designs on the market. (Traditional wood fired ovens can take 1-2 hours to get the right temperature to start cooking).

Allow for more control

the dragon's breath air system (NO GAS) which pumps air into the fire box and allows for more control of your fire!

Custom builds

We can also accommodate if you have a particular design, or function for your wood fired oven. In domestic or commercial use.

Types Of Ovens

***Please feel free to contact us if you would like to test our Supreme Ovens. Just head to 'Contact Us' at the top header ^^^