Japanese Barbecue Grills also known as Robata or Hibachi. These Japanese grills are an excellent choice for grilling Fish, seafood, wagyu and vegetables.

Excellent quality


Our Hand Made Japanese grills are made to the highest of quality. These barbeque grills are insulated with heat materials 

that reflects heat back into the cooking surface. The bottom has a grill to elevate the charcoal, allowing easy access for air and to prevent ash build up that keeps your grill hotter for longer!

different Sizes


We have three standard sizes for you to choose from, 

or we can also custom build to your liking!



Here at Supreme, we make the highest quality Japanese BBQ Grills in Australia for domestic and commercial use.

Supreme Japanese Robata (Char grill BBQ)

Check out this video on our Supreme Japanese Robata, In Action!

We are at Tokyo Jacks in Bunbury, talking with the owner Wayne about their new Supreme Robata grill.